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The Age of Boredom

There are just days I feel I cannot move fodward in my life. I just feel like a slug getting stuck in the mud (do slugs ever get caught in the mud?!) Worse than that, I feel aimless, blah blah blah.

Add neckache and backache to this problem.
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Trump Was Seen in Tehran Subway!

"these days I speak of myself in the past tense"

Sometimes the Way It Rains Reminds Me of YouColleen J. McElroy these days I speak of myself in the past tense
writing about yesterday knowing tomorrow
is no more than mist crawling toward violet mountains
I think of days when this weather meant you
were not so far away   the light changing
so fast I believe I can see you turning a corner
the rain comes in smelling of pine and moss
a kind of brazen intrusion on the careful seeds of spring
I pay more attention to details these days
saving the most trivial until I sort them for trash
or recycle   a luxury I’ve come to know only recently
you have never been too far from my thoughts
despite the newborn birds and their erratic songs
the way they tilt their heads as if drowsing for the sun
the way they repeat their singular songs
over and over as if wishing for a different outcome

Translating William Butler Yeats Poems into Persian

I'm translating William Butler Yeats poems into Persian. I decided this since this Friday, after I was reading his biography on the road back to Tehran. I searched a bit and realised no one ever translated his whole poems into Persian, to my surprise.
Translating poetry is much more difficult than other types of literary texts. I'm not intimidated thought I have to say it needs much edits.
Keep your fingers crossed for me! I even designed my book cover, haha:

Kolah Ghermezi (The Redhat) Muppet Show

Today a very nostalgic film was shown on the state television which inspired me to write this post. Redhat. It is the name of the most popular children’s programme in my childhood. Redhat was a puppet, a little noisy playful kid who couldn’t pronounce some words correctly and didn’t listen to adults. He had a red hat over his black spiky hair made with wool, a big funny nose, a wide mouth which was always open in surprise, a green eye and a blue eye (very creative) and a striped blue-white shirt and green trousers. The programme had a host and this Redhat and some other puppets too. I really loved the host. He was a middle-aged man with a receding head and black moustache. Generally speaking I believe he was the best ever host in children’s programmes over here. He was neither too kind in an insincere way nor treated children like they can’t understand anything. As a child I really liked the way he talked to children. He got sometimes angry with Redhat and asked him to behave himself…

Film Review: The Era of Love

Last night I went to the cinema at 9 pm to watch a Leila Hatami movie. I can’t say I’m a big fan of her as much as I like Mahtab Keramati, but I love her calmness. She’s a good guarantee that a film you’re going to watch will be nice.
The plot was the kind of plot you see a lot in Iranian movies these days: disloyalty in marriage, people lying and cheating, and the society stinking and sinking in its own filth.
I liked the movie. 3.5 stars out of 5. The actors and actresses were all good. Dialogues were OK. Make-up and costume, nice enough. The suspence was at the beginning of the movie rather than the end.
Why I have a feeling the movie had a reference to the book “The Lights, I Will Turn off” by Zoya Pirzad? Because in a dialogue the woman asked the man to turn the lights off and the man said, OK, I will, as I always.
I won’t talk of the details of the film, firstly because I need to re-watch and secondly because, I feel there’s no need to write. Easy to guess.
Some lines about th…

Things Left Unsaid

It's been since 29 October 2013, but I still can't let it go. Me and a friend hurt each other, and since then we're not speaking. Those days I was going through really bad times and needed help and support. That friend mentioned something and we got into an argument. A few days later I texted her and asked if she's OK. I called her too. No reply. I asked another friend how she is and she said the girl is busy with her private life. Same day I got a message from that friend saying she can't come to me anymore and I should take care of me myself. I felt hurt and my pride stumped, so I decided not to ask her for help anymore. Because I'm a proud person and I hardly ever ask anyone to help me. I was trying to stand on my feet when that mutual friend one evening texted me if Im fine. I was still hurt and didn't reply. At 10 o'clock at night I heard someone knocking at the door. I felt it was them and I really wasn't ready to see them. I asked a friend to…